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We help schools provide the best education possible for blind and visually impaired students, advice on pragmatic use of technology in the classroom, as well as power activists seeking to make lives better across Minnesota.

What We Do

McGarr Media does more than just host websites and aid in helping people publish their thoughts and ideas. We provide direct consulting to schools and educational institutions, as well as families, in leveraging Assistive Technology for the blind and visually impaired, and advice for pragmatic uses of technology in classrooms and school environments.


We’re a bit unique. Despite our name, media is only a small portion of our services. We provide a wide range of services focusing on one goal: making the world we live in just a bit better.

Education Services

  • Assistive Technology – Training and Guidance from a Minnesota Licensed Teacher of the Visually Impaired holding a Master of Arts in Special Education – Visual Impairment on navigating the confusing and expensive world of assistive technology for blind, visually impaired, and multiply disabled students in Birth-21 Public or Private Education, as well as families and individuals needing individual training, guidance, and assistance.
  • Education Technology¬†– Guidance, training, advice, and review assistance of general technology needs by a trained Information Technology Engineer with certifications in IT Security and Microsoft Certified Professional, with experience in Apple, Linux, and Android environments with over 10 years experience in corporate IT support and additional experience in K-12 educational IT support.

Technology and Media

  • Website and blog hosting
  • Virtual Private Server management and monitoring
  • Dedicated Server management and monitoring
  • Email administration
  • Self-Publishing assistance and consulting
  • Activism support

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